CS2 Weekly Care Package Explained

Counter-Strike 2 has introduced numerous alterations compared to its predecessor, CS:GO. One significant modification is the revamped smoke system, which now enhances gameplay by allowing smokes to have a more dynamic presence, filling up areas and being penetrable by gunfire. However, there is another adjustment designed to cater to casual players, which can be perplexing. Let’s delve into what the Weekly Care Package does in CS2 and how to make the most of it.

What is the Weekly Care Package in CS2?

In CS2, the Weekly Care Package represents the fresh approach to leveling rewards. Whenever you advance a level in CS2, which is achieved by participating in any game mode until its conclusion, you’ll be entitled to a Care Package reward. Each week, you can select two out of four available options. To obtain the remaining two rewards for that week, you must reach the second level.

How to get a Weekly Care Package in CS2?

In CS2, obtaining a Care Package is a straightforward weekly task. All you need to do is increase your overall Rank by just one level within that week. You can achieve this by merely engaging in gameplay, whether it’s Competitive matches or Death Match mode. Any action you take in the game will earn you XP and contribute to your rank level. However, it’s worth noting that Ranks primarily serve as a measure of your progress and don’t have significant utility beyond that.

How to Use a Counter Strike 2 Care Package?

After you’ve successfully leveled up, navigate to the Store section, then go to the Home tab. At the top of this section, you’ll find the two Rewards you can choose to claim from the package. Select any two of them, and then click on “Claim Rewards” to obtain your prizes. Additionally, you can examine the skins and graffiti available in the package to get a closer look at them. Once you’ve claimed your weekly package, you’ll need to wait until the timer resets before you can repeat the process.

What Prizes are in the Care Package?

The Care Package in CS2 offers a variety of rewards, including skins, graffiti, and even cases. While the cases don’t often contain highly valuable items, they provide a useful means to acquire skins and other cosmetic items that you can later use for trading up to obtain more valuable items.

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