Without delay, let’s dive into the essential commands you should be aware of for your CS2 1v1 practice configuration. To implement these commands, you’ll need to utilize the console. If you’re not familiar with enabling the console, please refer to our guide on accessing the console.


If there are bots in your custom lobby, employ this command to remove them from the server, ensuring a bot-free environment for your 1v1 match.

sv_cheats 1

Executing this command activates cheats in the private lobby, as certain 1v1 commands necessitate cheat mode. It’s important to note that these commands are exclusive to private servers and won’t function on official Valve servers.

mp_freezetime 2

The freeze time represents the period at the beginning of each round when both players are unable to move. Adjusting this command’s value to 2 reduces the freeze time to 2 seconds, down from the standard 15 seconds. This adjustment can result in a time-saving of 13 seconds per round, potentially accumulating to over 4 minutes of saved time during a match.

mp_free_armor 1

This console command allows both players to begin each round automatically equipped with kevlar and helmets. This can be highly beneficial in rifle 1v1s as it mitigates the impact of body shots, preventing excessive damage.

mp_maxrounds 30

Using this command will establish the maximum number of rounds in the game at 30, mirroring the typical count in a Competitive match. Consequently, the player who attains 16 rounds first will secure victory, akin to a standard game.

mp_roundtime 60

This command extends the duration of rounds, potentially increasing them to a maximum of 60 minutes, useful when the default round timer proves insufficient.

mp_round_restart_delay 3

The round start delay time refers to the period between the conclusion of one round and the commencement of the next. Adjusting this command to a value of 3 reduces the round start delay from 7 seconds to 3 seconds, resulting in time savings during gameplay.

mp_warmup_end 1

Typically, when you initiate a match, there’s a 5-minute warm-up session. Utilizing this command will promptly conclude the warm-up period, allowing you to save a full 5 minutes of time.

mp_restartgame 1

To implement all of the aforementioned commands in the game, a complete game restart is required. Inputting this command into the console will promptly initiate a game restart, effectively resetting various factors such as rounds won, kills, and more.

mp_overtime_enable 1

Overtime is triggered when a match ends in a 15-15 draw, allowing for additional rounds to establish a definitive winner. This command activates Overtime, preventing draws and ensuring there’s a clear victor.

sv_infinite_ammo 2

This command ensures that the magazines of your weapons will never deplete their bullets. It’s distinct from “sv_infinite_ammo 1” because when set to 2, the first magazine of your bullets will eventually run out, while with “sv_infinite_ammo 1,” the first magazine remains perpetually full.

sv_deadtalk 1

This command, when used alongside the previously mentioned one, permits living players to hear voice communication from deceased players. In a standard Casual game, living players typically cannot hear the voices of those who are already eliminated, making this command particularly useful.

sv_alltalk 1

This command enables players to engage in voice chat conversations with each other, irrespective of the teams they are on. In a 1v1 scenario where players are naturally on opposing sides, this command permits both participants to communicate. Ordinarily, the default setting only allows communication with teammates.


To ensure an optimal 1v1 lobby experience, it’s highly recommended to select a high-quality 1v1 workshop map. If you’re facing difficulty in finding excellent maps, you can refer to our article on the top workshop maps, which also includes some outstanding 1v1 options.

Aim Botz Workshop Map: Download

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