5 Best Computer Security Tips and Tricks for 2012

Best Computer Security Tips and Tricks for 2012

If there is someone who you are looking up to that can be telling you the right and the wrong thing you must do and not do, wouldn’t you listen to such person? Sure, you will! Computer security isn’t something you can just skip through, but rather, it is complex because you need to do some certain things which you needed to do in order to protect your PC.

Today, I shall be sharing with you five awesome things you should start doing in order to protect your computer from virus and some other dangerous worms either from within or on the internet.

Stop sharing unnecessarily

Never share your computer with other without security measure in place. Anyone who wants to share information or files with your PC must have a secure computer as well or else, such a move should be rejected.

Download less healthy files from the internet

Make sure that you are not downloading just any type of files from the internet, but good ones. Don’t download too many files or applications from the internet without good security background.

Scan your Computer for issues every time

When it comes to the issue of viruses and trojans, you need to be very active with your PC; you shouldn’t stay calm when you are supposed to take action.

Upgrade your PC’s software

If the operating system of your PC is out of date, it is very certain that it can become vulnerable to virus and some security issues.

Increase your system’ memory for optimal performance

Make sure that your computer’s memory is good and expandable as fast as possible in order to get the PC’s optimal performance. Since the memory affecting the real output of all computers, that means you need to make sure that your computer’s memory is good and okay.


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