Best Internet and Computer Safety tips for 2012

Best Internet and Computer Safety tips

The computers can be disrupted severely by the viruses. Many viruses are so dangerous that they damage or destroy the data and even wipe out the system completely. There is not any effective guard against these viruses, but by taking some steps, the computer can be protected against them. Once the computer is infected, browsing will become frustrating as the computer speed is decreased gradually. It is always better to prevent viruses to attack the system rather than removing them after the computer got infected. Take some safety measures to ensure the safety.

1. Use a firewall as it is a kind of shell around the computer, which identifies and filter out the threats meanwhile allowing only the secured information pass through it to reach the computer. Using firewall is the basic step for computer security as it serves as a better between the computer and internet. Some operating systems like windows XP have the firewall already installed. Enable it by following some simple navigation. If firewall is not installed, go for firewall software.

The best anti-virus should be installed updated regularly. Even though the system has firewall protection, some malware adjusts to find its way onto the computer. The malware which includes viruses, worms and Trojan horses will make their entry by downloading the malicious files from the internet and some email attachments. So a strong and regularly updated anti-virus program is needed to protect the PC.

2. It is not sufficient to install firewall and anti-virus software in a computer for better protection. In the recent days the most common form which internet users come across is spyware. Spyware will cause the unsolicited pop-ups to appear and stealing of personal data, routing the website requests to other advertising websites. It is necessary to provide an anti-spyware program as it significantly increases the security of the computer.

Install other basic threat ‘counter measures threat ‘counter measures such as anti-rootkit software, parental control software, etc. There is vulnerability for the malware called rootkit is more if surfing is done on gaming, gambling and pornographic sites. The software anti-rootkit must be installed to have a shield against these sorts of malwares. Children generally used to surf on gaming sites and download screensavers. These activities will pick-up the dangers of malware. Parental control software helps resolve this issue and also helps find the sites to which there is children’s access.

3. Browse securely and be vigilant while downloading anything from the websites which are unknown. Be careful while dealing with emails. The email attachments must be handled carefully as many of them may contain viruses. Don’t click on the links desperately as it may be a part of phishing. Be cautious while opening email attachments with “.vbs, .exe, .bat, or .scr “extensions. It is better to set up email filters. Use only effective email clients such as Gmail, yahoo, etc. Set up secured passwords for the accounts. Use different passwords and usernames for different web based applications. Protect the computer with access of password login.


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