3 simple computer protection tips to follow for better security

3 simple computer protection tips to follow for better security

After the development of computer, life of man became much easier. So, gradually everybody tried to use computers more and more in their daily lives for every job. Today, it has reached at such a stage that computer became the part of the life of men. Now everywhere you will find the use of computers to do the tasks, solving the problems and paving the way for the future human development. In other words, computer showed us the path of rapid development for a modern world. The development of science to this level is due to the blessing of computers only. Though men has made it using his own brain, the brain of computers proved much faster and sharper while getting the work done.


1.    Scan your computer regularly.

2.    While using input device, do not forget to scan the same first before making uploads or downloads.

3.     Be cautious while downloading any.

4.    Always keep an eye on the pop up window, which alerts you if there is a threat.

5.    It is always safe to take a backup of your files regularly so that in case of any infection that files would be damaged.

6.    Always try to avoid file sharing with others. If necessary handle with care.

First of all you have to look into the tools and the software you are using in your system. Many people do some common mistakes while operating their systems which should be avoided at any cost. These type silly mistakes may cost them very much one day. This is not a difficult task also that a common user can not do. For this, nothing has to be spent extra but to take some due and timely care to the device.

Whatever the operating system you use, that should be updated regularly as every operating system has its own security system and the respective company always makes changes in the security part for the suspected new threats. This will act as first protection shield for your computer. Secondly always keep your firewall of the computer on and active, which many people do not follow. Now days, firewall comes inbuilt with all the operative systems. Otherwise, it can be downloaded from the internet also.

As internet is a major threat to the life of computer, lot of care and caution should be given while uploading and downloading files using internet. The internet and network users have to be more cautious for the same and follow some rules in this regard. Virus is the biggest and worst threat to the computers. So, you must Install a good quality branded antivirus software in your system.  This antivirus software gives you protection from virus, worm, Trojan, spyware, fishing, adware etc. There are a lot of antivirus software of different companies are available in the market. Out of these, some are paid and some are free even. But you have to choose the best ne which would give your computer all kind of protections.


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